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01 September 2013 @ 12:01 am
Title: Feather Soft
Author: whenwestarted
Beta: ashamedbliss
Pairing: Wobelldom
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Chris is born with wings and has to deal with it. Matt and Dom kind of help.
Disclaimer: I do not own the thing, or claim to own the thing
Author's Comments seaphire's birthday present awww

The birth had been long and complicated, though this was according to the medical professionals on hand. If you had asked Mrs Wolstenholme and the crushed bones in Mr Wolstenholme’s hand you would have been emphatically told that that was a grave understatement. Despite the moments of uncertainty during the labour, both mother and baby, judging by the loud wailing, were healthy.The doctor informed Mrs Wolstenholme that she had a son, but not with the joy typically associated with such occasion. Sensing something was amiss, the new mother craned her neck in an attempt to see her son. He had been whisked away so quickly to be cleaned that she had barely caught a glimpse of him.
The nurses attending to the newborn gave her sympathetic glances as she demanded to see him. The doctor began to explain calmly how it was a non-fatal defect, that could be corrected if they wished, but Mr Wolstenholme cut him off by repeating his wife’s demands. The doctor reluctantly told the nurses to hand over the partially bundled child. His parents were shocked into silence as they saw what defect the doctor had been referring to. Almost immediately they demanded an explanation, why were there underdeveloped stumps protruding from their son’s back?
There were no reasons given, no logical explanation as to why, on December 2nd 1978, Christopher Tony Wolstenholme was born with wings.
Despite the offers from the various specialists assigned to their son when he was born, the Wolstenholmes refused to have his wings removed. The surgery would leave him with years of agonising recovery, as it severed various tendons and muscles to fully remove the wings. Instead, they took to hiding the appendages under baggy clothes and, once Chris was at an age where he could comprehend such matters, they told him to keep them tucked in along his back and sides in public. There was a problem with this method however; as Chris grew, so did his wings. By the time he was in his mid teens they stretched the full length of his back, the glossy brown feathers gleaming proudly when they caught the light. As his teenage mood swings hit, they fluttered and arched in accordance to his temper, flexing when particularly displeased, or just to stretch.
He had taken to harshly strapping them down with belts and any spare rope he could find in the garage to avoid an accidental reveal. He had friends he didn’t want to lose and was in a band that might be going somewhere, he couldn’t let his ‘abnormality’ fuck that up. Any potential girlfriends had fled at the first sighting of the wings, though they had been kind enough to keep his secret from others. Or they had just pitied the poor freak boy, as Chris often told himself. He had been certain that he had the problem under control until one particular band practice.
“Fucking hell it’s warm,” Matt whined from his prone position on the floor.
“Stop whining,” Dom chastised, half-heartedly kicking at the guitarist. “We won’t get another summer like this again for years.” Chris was inclined to agree with Matt on the matter, especially as the heat made the restraints on his wings chafe unbearably.
“Whatever wanker, toss us out another beer Chris.” The band had long abandoned their instruments in favour of lounging in the stifling heat. Chris leaned over into the cooler for the beer but froze at Matt’s voice.
“What’s that on your back mate?”
“Nothing.” Chris quickly tugged down the back of his t shirt and straightened up.
“Did you get a tattoo without telling us you bastard?” Dom grinned at him, leaning forward.
“No, it’s nothing, I swear!” Chris pleaded, hands moving to protectively cover his back.
“Hmm, I don’t believe him.” Matt exchanged a sly glance with Dom and, without warning, the two pounced. Chris wasn’t quick enough to evade them and they quickly flipped him onto his front and straddled his legs, effectively pinning him to the floor. Their shrill giggling halted abruptly when Matt pushed up the back of Chris’ shirt. Chris chanced a look back and his stomach sank when he saw their shocked and horrified expressions.
“Jesus Christ,” Matt whispered softly, “what did you do to yourself?”
“Look I- what?” Chris was confused, did they think he had willingly grown these monstrosities?
“Dom, help me with these.” the guitarist ordered sharply as he began to unbuckle one of the belts trapping Chris’ wings. When the two teens had managed to undo the ropes and belts, Matt ran a soothing, warm hand over the angry red welts on Chris’ back. Dom broke the silence with a sharp smack to Chris’ arm.
“What were you playing at you fucking idiot? You could’ve damaged them!”
“So?” Chris asked bitterly.
“So?” Matt sounded furious, “You can feel these right?” Chris nodded silently, still trying to wriggle out from underneath them. “Then why the fuck would you do this? You must be in agony.” Chris managed to shove his skinny bandmates off of his legs and sat up, his wings shuddering in pain.
“Better than being called a freak.” he snapped at them.
“A freak?” Dom snorted incredulously, “Well you’re in the right fucking band for it.”
“I find it hard to believe that even a pair of wings would distract from Dom’s fashion sense,” Matt remarked dryly.
“Or people will be too focused on the singer that looks and sounds like a woman,” Dom said, smiling sweetly at Matt and dodging the punch the scrawny frontman threw at him. Chris stayed silent as the other two began to wrestle playfully. Surely this was too good to be true? Why were they more concerned over the fact that he was hurting himself than the fact that he had a pair of real life wings, why would they just accept it like that? His worrying was abruptly interrupted by a tangled mess of limbs crashing into him. Matt and Dom stopped struggling and looked up, wide-eyed and apologetic, at Chris. From his upside down position in Chris’ lap Matt’s eyes were quickly drawn back to the ruffled wings subconsciously stretching. They moved slightly up and down in time with Chris’ breathing and shivered in the warm breeze drifting in through the cracked window.
“Can I brush them?” he asked bluntly with the hopeful excitement of a five year old. Chris concluded that day that his bandmates didn’t care about his wings, because they were fucking weird too.
To a certain extent, Matt and Dom were right about his wings. While they caused a stir in sleepy Teignmouth, onstage the audience was drawn towards the ball of energy that was Muse’s frontman. Unless Chris was feeling especially comfortable they also handled interviews and public appearances. Nonetheless, there was a marked improvement in Chris’ demeanor. The pain caused by restraining his wings was gone, and with it the irritableness and snappiness that Chris had often showed. His boosted esteem came at an opportune time; soon his wings were too large to contain and protruded stubbornly out of any shirt Chris wore. He was forced to make slits in the back to allow them to rest comfortably. He struggled, though without a word of complaint, with the cramped touring conditions. If he wasn’t lying on one of his feathery appendages then Dom was pinning one down with his sleeping body, or Matt had his hand fisted in the feathers like some sort of safety blanket.
Their fascination with Chris’ wings had not abated. He still caught them staring as he extended them fully after a long journey in the tour bus, or first thing in the morning. If he felt generous he’d let them touch them. It soon became a ritual for when Chris was stressed out. One or both of his bandmates would calmly run their fingers through his feathers, straightening and smoothing errant ones and gently rubbing the tense muscles and tendons until they loosened up. He never looked for them to do it; it was instigated silently, without any need to ask. They seemed to instinctively know when he needed it, or when he needed to be left alone.
Their time on the road, once the after parties had lost their novelty, was long and grueling. Somewhere in the depths of Europe, Chris couldn’t help but feel exhausted and stressed. Although it wasn’t like there was much waiting for him at home. Not everyone had been as accepting as Matt and Dom. People still gave him funny looks, and sustaining a relationship with the whole town whispering behind your back was impossible. He didn’t have much luck on the road either, only a handful of women were that into the whole “band guy” image that they looked past the freakish wings. He had met other people like him on the road, most with feathery birdlike wings but they had encountered a woman in a club with shimmering insect wings, similar to a dragonfly. Once she was out of earshot Matt had wrinkled his nose and told Chris firmly that he much preferred his wings. When asked why he had muttered something about “cuddliness” and disappeared in the direction of the bar. Despite the loneliness, Chris had no real reason to complain; he was doing what he loved and travelling the world with his best friends, what more could he ask for?
Chris had been left to brood with these thoughts for most of the day. His bandmates had collapsed onto the nearest surface after crawling out of their bunks that morning. Dom was gradually sliding off the table with every left turn the bus made while Matt was curled up safely on the small sofa. Chris was leaning against a counter in what could mockingly be called a kitchen, amusing himself by observing Dom’s unwilling descent from the table. His wings were folded in front of him and were beginning to stiffen from being hunched up for so long. He stretched cautiously but the instinct to flap overcame him and his right wing clattered noisily off of a cabinet on the wall of the bus. He hissed and rubbed the joint that had taken the brunt of the hit with a pained grimace. Though Dom remained catatonic, the noise woke Matt, a notoriously light sleeper. His bleary gaze found the source of the noise quickly and he pushed himself up into a cross-legged position. He made a vague gesture to the ground in front of him and looked at Chris expectantly.
Chris took his position on the floor and leant backwards until his head was resting on Matt’s lap. He shut his eyes and forced himself to relax as Matt took hold of his wing and stretched it out slowly. The guitarist’s long talented fingers began to work the tension from his battered wing. There was something incredibly hypnotic about the way Matt’s hands moved mindlessly through his feathers and any notion of stress and worry was lifted from Chris’ mind. He was vaguely aware of Dom’s voluntary dismount from the table and crossing of the aisle to join them. He perched on the couch next to Matt and took Chris’ left wing in hand. There was more of a pattern, a rhythm, to the way Dom worked. It started at the top, rubbing the muscles until they nearly sighed with relief, then combed his fingers through the pointless, unnecessary, flight feathers. When he reached the extremities he would start from the top again, and repeat until the entire wing was limp under his touch.
Almost simultaneously, Matt and Dom’s ministrations moved to the base, the most sensitive part of his wings. Chris’ groan of relief was embarrassingly loud as they worked through the knots of tension in his back muscles. He snapped out of the near trance state as he felt another source of embarrassment begin to arise.
“S-stop, not there,” he commanded shakily. He could nearly feel the look his bandmates exchanged behind him.
“Are we hurting you?” Dom asked, voice laced with concern.
“No, i-it’s just uncomfortable.” Chris stammered and, to his horror, felt the colour rise in his cheeks.
“Oh really?” Matt’s smirk was nearly visible through his voice. “Because it seems,” he caressed the area where feathers met skin and Chris stifled a moan, “like the exact opposite.” Spurred on by Matt’s discovery Dom continued massaging the base of his wing. Chris hissed an involuntary ‘fuck’ as he felt his cock strain against his jeans.
“I was right, he is getting off on it!” Matt crowed, raising his arms above his head.
“Jesus mate how long’s it been since you got laid?” Dom questioned, pressing harder.
“A couple weeks,” Chris snapped, flapping his wings to dislodge the persistent drummer. He turned to face them and saw twin winces of sympathy.
“Hang on,” Matt said suddenly, uncrossing his legs and pushing himself off the couch.
“Sit down I want to try something.” When Chris was in place Matt dropped to his knees and settled between his legs.
“Hey, what the fuck are you doing?” Chris tried to move away but was blocked by Dom.
“Just let me... let me try it,” Matt murmured, “If you don’t like it, I’ll stop.” He unfastened the button on Chris’ jeans and pulling both them and his boxers down. The smug satisfaction on his face was quickly replaced with awe and slight trepidation as he took in the size of Chris’ length.
“Um...” he began almost like a query, but as he looked up he found no answer in his bass player’s face, his gaze transfixed with morbid fascination, or his drummer’s, amused if slightly surprised.
“Okay,” he muttered, more to himself than anyone else. Placing his hands on Chris’ thighs for support, he leaned down and captured the head of the winged man’s cock in his mouth.
Chris swore and his wings fluttered violently in surprise, nearly knocking Dom sideways off the sofa. Once the blond had righted himself and Chris’ wings had reduced their movement to a slight trembling Matt continued. He pressed his tongue flat against Chris’ dick and savoured the heavy feel of it in his mouth. Tentatively, he began to lower his mouth down, lapping and sucking gently at the hard flesh. He stopped when his gag reflex rebelled and pulled off with an obscene pop to gauge Chris’ reaction.
“Yeah?” he rasped, eyes hopeful. Chris’ mouth was painfully dry and his voice had abandoned him but he managed a shaky nod. The quivering of his wings betrayed his anticipation as Matt lowered his head again and the frontman smirked at him.
“Slower this time, you can’t rush it that much,” Dom piped up and Matt glared sharply at him, but followed his advice. Chris watched, fascinated, as Matt went down on him again. The guitarist tried to push down further but was met with considerable resistance from his throat. He ignored Dom’s knowing grin and instead curled his right hand around what his mouth couldn’t reach, while his left began to unbutton his own trousers. The relieved groan he let out when he finally grasped his aching prick sent vibrations through Chris’ entire body, causing him to buck his hips upwards. Matt glared at him as he tried not to choke and sent a pointed look at Dom. The drummer took this as his cue to shift closer to Chris and slide an arm across his midriff, holding him in place. He leaned forward onto the larger man’s chest, careful of his wings, and began to place hot, wet, open-mouthed kisses on his neck and collarbones.
Satisfied that Dom had the situation under control, Matt resumed bobbing his head up and down Chris’ dick. However, he soon stopped again.
“Just-” he began, ignoring Chris’ whine of frustration, “could you?” he gestured vaguely at the wing not blocked by Dom’s body, the one he had been massaging earlier. Their years of performing onstage together, with the noise of the instruments and roar of the crowd making talking impossible, left Chris able to decipher Matt’s flailing easily. He extended the wing forwards and down, covering Matt’s body and leaving only his head visible. There was a rustle of movement under the wing as Matt shed his clothes hurriedly, shivering as the feathers brushed against his bare skin. Settling back into his original position, he returned to sucking Chris off enthusiastically.
With his body pinned down by Dom’s strong arm, Chris could only make small thrusting motions and Matt soon gained confidence. He allowed his throat to relax, taking Chris deeper and deeper into his mouth with each downward stroke. Dom detached his lips from Chris’ skin, leaving an impressive bruise on his neck, to watch Matt at work. He absentmindedly began to stroke himself in time to the singer’s movements. He was halted by Chris’ larger hand covering his.
“Let me.” the winged man insisted, voice husky with lust. Dom relented and returned to leaving lovebites over Chris’ collarbones, whispering filthy breathless praise between kisses. With his hands now free he began stroking Chris’ wing, and in response Chris curled it around his smaller body, almost cradling him. This inspired Chris to drag his other wing across Matt’s back. He hissed as Matt’s gagging throat muscles clamped down around him, caught off guard by the touch of feathers.
Matt coughed and tears came to his eyes but before Chris could apologise he pulled off, demanded that Chris didn’t stop and continued pleasuring his bass player. His bobbing became more frantic as he stroked his own cock faster, skill and teasing pushed aside by sudden urgency. Chris could feel his climax approaching quickly and attempted to alert Matt, but he was cut off by Dom’s lips on his own.
“Shhh, he loves this part.” the drummer mutters, turning to watch with the air of someone who’s seen this all before. True to Dom’s word, as Chris comes Matt slides down as far as he can, swallowing every last drop spurted down his throat. His body curls and he pulls off to bury his face in Chris’ stomach as his own climax hits, moaning loud enough to wake the dead. His moaning trailed off into satisfied hums, then he crawled upwards and cuddled into Chris’ side. Dom was much more subtle, silent save for a few hissed curses as he came over Chris’ hand. He too collapsed onto Chris, energy drained. With more than a hint of self-satisfaction, Chris observed that he would not be moving anytime soon and used his wings to blanket his bandmates and himself from the chill of the bus. Matt instinctively reaches to grab hold of one and tugs it closer. They stayed like that for a while, content, until Dom broke the silence.
“Ugh, let me up I need to wash this off.”
“God fucking damn it Dominic, you ruined the moment, you clean freak.”
“I’m sorry not everyone can lie in their own filth like you, Matthew.”
Chris raised his hands to placate them before they really started going at it.
“Look, Dom you can go clean up if you want. I mean, there can be other moments right?” Both looked pensive for a brief moment, sharing one of those glances that made it seem like they were holding an entirely silent conversation.
“Yeah,” Matt said quietly, grinning slightly, “yeah there can.”
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Gabbygf_futurism on September 1st, 2013 04:23 am (UTC)
Hnnnnnnng sequel I need a sequel.
whenwestartedwhenwestarted on September 1st, 2013 11:16 pm (UTC)
Don't tempt me woman I'll never get my other shit done!
... but i can see a possible return to this story some time in the (distant) future
Seaphireseaphire on September 2nd, 2013 04:13 am (UTC)
yEs plS
dolcedolce_piccante on September 2nd, 2013 12:09 am (UTC)
This was hot and stunning and it DEF needs another (million) parts! Jesus just the image of Chris' wings on naked belldom is so hot i'm dying. Awesome fic!
whenwestartedwhenwestarted on September 4th, 2013 11:11 pm (UTC)
looks like i'll need to get cracking on another one then!
thank you so much aww <33333
MUSEqueramusequera on September 2nd, 2013 08:53 am (UTC)


Wobelldom and WING PORN???

Could you push any more of my buttons?

Way to debut on MS, darling *snogs*

Verrry well played.

whenwestartedwhenwestarted on September 4th, 2013 11:13 pm (UTC)
hahaha! it was less pushing buttons and more slamming my face into the control panel and getting lucky c:
i'm so happy you liked it! not gonna lie, i was majorly inspired by your fics so it's a huge honour <3333
Pwoperninjaelfpwoperninjaelf on September 2nd, 2013 12:29 pm (UTC)
Jeeeeeez!!! Wow, this was awesome! :D I loved how all three participated eagerly and the wings. Those wings... When Chris had them all over naked Matt?? *fans self* and I loved how the three all behaved with one another :) May there be more indeed!!! <3
whenwestartedwhenwestarted on September 4th, 2013 11:36 pm (UTC)
wings inevitably lead to band orgies it is the natural order *nods solemnly*
i'll get to work on that sequel right away ma'am c:
chess_boxingchess_boxing on September 2nd, 2013 01:53 pm (UTC)
Ohhhh my god. SO beautiful. And though that sex scene with the wings was incredibly hot, then a new favourite mental image ever is Matt and Dom combing through and massaging his wings - gorgeous, that is my favourite kind of fluff; a really simple demonstration of the strength of the bonds and understanding and love between them. Caring and intimate and above all subtle.

Long live wobelldom *whoops, runs around with banner*
whenwestartedwhenwestarted on September 4th, 2013 11:22 pm (UTC)
eeeeee rory you're gonna make me cry. i genuinely don't know what to say i just <3333333
unomusetteunomusette on September 2nd, 2013 07:32 pm (UTC)
Squeee! Loving this three way sexytime, Chris with wings is a most pleasing development too. Massive applause and praise is due, nice one :D
whenwestartedwhenwestarted on September 4th, 2013 11:24 pm (UTC)
my train of thought literally went, "ok i gotta do wing fic for cecilia" "....." "ok let's give chris wings and work from there"
*squeals* thank you you're so sweet <33
space_black_outspace_black_out on September 3rd, 2013 09:33 pm (UTC)
Loved this!! Chris with wings is indeed a beautiful image and I adore the idea of them all bonding and taking care of each other.
And of course I loved the fact that they were bonding without clothes :D
Fantastic, hope you write more! :)
whenwestartedwhenwestarted on September 4th, 2013 11:39 pm (UTC)
i feel like they look after each other irl and i dunno, it kinda shows up in my writing a lot. and the fact that their co-dependence gives me the warm fuzzies definitely adds to it!
and thank you for the kind words, it means a lot <3333
(Deleted comment)
whenwestartedwhenwestarted on September 4th, 2013 11:15 pm (UTC)
aww i'm so glad you gave it a try, and that you liked it too! :D
Zehramuseturbation on September 27th, 2013 05:57 pm (UTC)
!11111111111 nasomkl !LM w;

satisfyingblisssatisfyingbliss on July 14th, 2014 05:31 pm (UTC)
*groans* God, why is it so hot in here? Wobelldom with wing porn? Perfect. Amazing. Brilliant. There should definitely be a sequel.
Tamar Elmensdorp-Lijzengatamarelmensdorp on March 31st, 2016 09:25 am (UTC)

Only just now found this through recommendation, but I love it.

Wing porn


Super strong bond

What more could anyone want?